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Event Details


Did you know there is a knack to good wedding photography?

While it of course pays to use a professional when you can, knowing just a few things about wedding photography is often enough to enable you to take stunning photos that are nearly just as good! This event will show you how.

Who is this event for?

This event is for budding wedding photographers, as well as people who just want to learn how to take better photos for their friends, family… even their own wedding!

Event details

The event is a workshop lasting two hours.


The event will start at 12pm and last two hours. After that, there will be snacks and a chance to mingle at the end.

What to wear

There is no dress code for this event. Wear something comfortable and something you are happy to be photographed in!

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What will I learn?

You will learn how to take beautiful wedding photos that are a cut above all the ones you see on Facebook!

How much are tickets?

Tickets cost $45 per person.

Do I have to bring a camera?

You are free to bring your own camera if you like. However, cameras will also be made available for you to learn with.


3412 Lilac Summit
Encinitas, CA
United States